About us

We are an award-winning local tour agency with an experienced team who are passionate about travel and Mongolia. We started the Mongolian Secret History company in 2005, naming ourselves after Mongolia’s most famous historical literary work. “The Secret History of the Mongols”- a registered UNESCO protected item of cultural heritage - details Mongolian history, tradition and culture through the story of Chinggis Khaan, his ancestors and descedants. With this in mind we aim to help upi to build your very own travel story in Mongolia.

Tour Operator
Our team is constantly seeking out new ways to make sure that your holiday in Mongolia is planned with the upmost care and attention. With our intimate knowledge of Mongolia we can plan every step of your journey to inspire your imagination and exceed your expectations.
- private bespoke tours
- group tours

Ger camps
We run two ger camps in Mongolia; Secret of Ongi camp, located in the Gobi desert, is right on the way to some of the most popular attractions (Kharkhorin, Khongor sand dunes etc) in Mongolia. The Mongolian Secret History complex, in Central Province, is located 114km from Ulaanbaatar city, on the way to Khovsgol lake.

The MSH Restaurant is located 18 min from Chinggis Khaan International Airport and 11 min from Chinggis Khaan square (Sukhbaatar square). Our highly skilled chefs offer mouth watering European and Mongolian dishes and our friendly staff will serve you in our beautifully decorated halls.

At the Mongolian Secret History camp we also organise a number of events that showcase Mongolian culture and tradition for our visitors.

  • Mongolian Lunar New Year Celebration (Feb)
  • Horse herders show (June-July)
  • Mini Naadam (July)