Horse riding near Amarbayasgalant tour

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Horse riding near Amarbayasgalant tour

Ride through the steppes in the footsteps of great Mongolian Heroes and discover one of the most beautiful working monasteries in the world from horseback. Our trekking tour will spend 3 days in the saddle camping under the starry sky as you travel to Amarbayasgalant Buddhist Monastery.

Length: 14 days / 13 nights
Price: from $2950 per person

Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
When you arrive in Ulaanbaatar you will be met by your personal guide and driver who will take you to your hotel in the city centre to rest after your trip.

Day 2 Full day with Herders at Noyon Mountain

Driving 2 hours north of the city you will arrive at the Mongolian Secret History travel complex where you will settle into your traditional Mongolian ger and then head put to meet some local nomads. With the herders you will ride horses and camels, learn how to make nomadic dairy products and just spend time in the countryside working with the herder family. Dinner and overnight stay at the Mongolian Secret History travel complex.

Day 3 Aglag Buteel Monastery

Setting off from the camp after breakfast you will visit a local monastery called Aglag Buteel. This was built by the famous artist Purevbat Lama. He has pursued the perfection of a traditional form of Buddhist spiritual art in his lifetime and is a recognised master of many ancient techniques. The temple itself is very beautiful and is surrounded by wonderfully manicured gardens full of gigantic statues and caves for you to explore. In the evening you will return to the Mongolian Secret History Camp for supper and to stay overnight.

Day 4 Darkan City

Today you will visit Mongolia's 2nd city, Darkhan for a tour of the area. The city tour will take in a garden dedicated to horse racing, some Buddhist monuments and the grand central square. You will stay overnight in a local guesthouse.

Day 5 Amarbayasgalant

Setting off from Darkhan after breakfast we will drive the short distance to Amarbayasgalant monastery. This Manchurian temple is one of the oldest remaining in Mongolia today and is full of wonderful detaills from its 300 year history. After you have toured the temple you will meet your horse and receive some basic instruction for your trek the following day. You will stay overnight in a local ger camp.

Days 6-9 Trekking near Amarbayasgalant

For the next 3 days we will simply trek around the local area in a wide circle, camping in the company of nomads high up in the hills. Surrounded by forests and sleeping under the vast expanse of clear night sky you will really feel like you are in touch with the land and the landscape.

Day 10 Return to Amarbayasgalant

On your final day of trekking you will reach the temple and have a chance to relax in a comfortable ger camp after your long ride. Once you have recovered we will visit this ancient temple and the hillside stupa houses the bones of the famous Zanibazar lama. Your suitcases will have been delivered in advance by your driver.

Day 11 Ulaanbaatar tour

In the morning we will set off early back to the city where we stop for lunch followed by a city tour. We’ll take in Gandan monastery, Sukhbaatar Square, the Choijin Lama’s Palace, The Bogd Khaan’s winter palace, Zaisan Monument, cashmere shopping and the iconic State Department Store. In the evening you will enjoy a traditional show and meal in town.

Day 12 Chinggis Khaan statue in Terelj

The following morning you will journey to Terelj national park to the East of Ulaanbaatar. This park was once a meeting place for Chingis Khaan’s forces when they returned from their campaigns and empire building. To reach the park you will drive across the river Tuul and enter a landscape of enormous rocky cliffs, lush river valleys and dark green pine forests. This is one of the most striking areas of Mongolia and is an enormously popular location for hiking, horse riding or, for the more adventurous traveller, rock climbing and caving. Dinner and overnight stay in a ger camp.

Day 13 Khustai National Park

On day 13 you will travel to the Khustai Range National Park in the heart of a vast nature reservation. The park has birch forests perched atop of the mountain range and 450 different plant types as well as many wild animals such as the critically endangered Przewalski’s horse, wild boars, otters, deer,

Day 14 Departure

Your guide and driver will take you to the airport or train station and wish you well on your departure and future travels!

Included in the price: All of your Mongolian accommodation in hotels and ger camps; all breakfast, lunches and dinners whilst in Mongolia; bottled drinking water is also provided throughout the tour; Mongolian local transport, personal guide, translator, driver and entrance to all attractions mentioned in the itinerary.

Not included in the price: International flights, train tickets, travel insurance, international phone calls, alcoholic drinks, laundry service, souvenir shopping,

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