Survival and Bushcraft 3 night trip

Survival and Bushcraft Short Trip

Survival and Bushcraft 3 night trip

Mongolia is a land of wild landscapes and blue sky so where better to go survival camping! From August to September 2017 we will be offering short instruction courses in outdoor survival and bushcraft in the forested mountains of Noyon Uul to the north of Ulaanbaatar.

Dates: 1st August 2017 - 30th September 2017
Length: 3 nights
Price: from $430 per person
Group size: 2 - 5 people
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and on foot
Difficulty: Good level of fitness required and willingness to spend time outdoors

Day 1 - Pickup at 11am from UB and drive 150km north of the city to the Mongolian Secret History Camp at Noyon uul. Upon arrival we will enjoy a high calorie meal in the restaurant, check our kit and then head up into the hills along a little used sheep trail to reach our 1st campsite. At camp we will build a basic bivouac using nearby materials, construct a water still and build a fire. We will stay overnight in the shelter you have constructed (you may bring a tent if you prefer!)

Day 2 - Awaking just after dawn we will relight our fire, cook and eat breakfast, check our water still and re-pack our gear. Before leaving camp site number one we will remove traces of out overnight stay leaving the site as pristine as possible. We will hike for around 2 hours to reach the 2nd campsite where we will repeat the process of the day before to set camp. We will cook our lunch over a campfire and after eating we will walk around the nearby area learning about natural navigation and some basic survival techniques. Once again we will stay overnight in the outdoor shelters we have made.

Day 3 - After breakfast, packing and cleaning the area we will set off back to the Mongolian Secret History camp at Noyon uul. We reach here in time for a late lunch after which you will check into your rooms where you will be able to rest, wash and recover after your 2 nights in the elements. At the camp you will be able to enjoy more traditional Mongolian activities such as horse and camel riding, archery or just relax in our award winning spa.

Day 4 - Setting off for the city at 9am after breakfast in the MSH restaurant and arriving at approximately 11am.

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