Mongolian secret history camp


“Mongolian Secret History" tourist camp is located in the territory of Jargalant soum, Tuv province; a 68.82 mile drive by paved road and a 2.17 mile drive by improved country road from Ulaanbaatar.

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  • The hotel is built of natural wood in an outstanding architectural style. A relaxing stay in the hotel is maximized by the natural wood's positive energy gathering effect and healing influence on the human body.
  • Mongolian traditional gers use the highly efficient air conditioning system of historical, 3000 year old Mongolian yurts to provide a comfortable and unique environment in which to stay.


  • 'Michid' restaurant with capacity for up to 60 people
  • 'Ger' restaurant with capacity for up 60 people

Service and facilities

  • “Yellow Ger Library" is provided for getting familiarized with Mongolian historical and traditional studies.
  • Conference room with 60 seats
  • Horse riding trip
  • Skiing and sledging
  • Photo with traditional costumes
  • Karaoke bar
  • Snooker and billiards
  • Children's playground
  • Sport games
  • Sauna and massage service
  • Auto garage
  • Laundry and ironing service


  • Mongolian Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Horse herders show
  • Mini Naadam festival


  • Family trip /to celebrate holidays, birthdays and ceremonies together/
  • Cultural tour /hiking in the local area/
  • Business meetings /to have seminars, conferences, training and progressing documents/

Distinction and advantage:

  • We are proud to present our camp, “Mongolian Secret History", which is also the title of a famous literary piece of Mongolian culture and history written in 1228-1241 and registered by UNESCO as a valuable heritage site.
  • Open four seasons, skiing, sledging and snow boarding especially in the winter fresh air is enabled by massive snow falls in the area
  • Well skilled professional staff
  • Library with Mongolian cultural and historical heritage
  • Comfortable environment for relaxing and refreshing
  • Ecologically healthy food made with locally grown vegetables; as well as meat and dairy products supplied by contracted local herders.
  • Well developed infrastructure