Secret of Ongi tourist camp

A Carefree relaxing environment

The “Secret of Ongi” tourist camp is located next to the famous Ongi temple in Saikhan Ovoo sum, Dundgobi province, longitude 104002’55” and latitude 45019’57”; a 217 mile drive on paved road followed by a 105.4 mile drive by improved country road from Ulaanbaatar.

45 gers can accommodate up to 100 guests at the same time in the comfortable and relaxing traditional nomadic yurts.

Able to serve up to 120 people at once with both Mongolian and European meals in a restaurant with remarkable architecture and built of natural wood and stone. Altan Jim’s Products /Golden Fruit/ made with yellow berries are served exclusively in our restaurant


  • Camel riding trip/ to become familiar with nomad’s way of living; to participate in the process of making milk products and cooking Mongolian traditional dishes)
  • Hiking / to visit remains of Ongi temple; to learn the history of Yangirtai Uul (Mountain with ibex and wild goat) and become familiar with the local area; to hear the tales of mountains and rivers/
  • Auto trip /to visit locations with ancient stone paintings (petrogram), caves for monks’ meditation, extraordinary natural rock formations, the ruin of the Porcelain City of the 12-13th century, grave yards and tombs/
  • Horsecart trip /to enjoy the nature along the bank of Ongi river/

Services and facilities:

Traditional mask-dance performance

Conference room

Art shop for handicrafts

Sports games

Sauna and massage

Laundry and ironing service

Service to change automobile oil and tires

Horse and Camel riding

Distinction and advantage:

  • Winner of the best travel camp in Mongolia for 3 years in a row
  • The secret of the 250 year old Ongi temple will be revealed
  • Enables you to feel the high concentration of earth energy in the area, chosen by reincarnated monks of the temple
  • Architecture of the tourist camp buildings reflects of the ancient temples
  • Hygienic, convenient public services and sauna massage in the middle of Gobi Desert
  • Locally grown vegetables in Gobi desert soil; as well as meat and dairy products supplied by contracted local herders to provide ecologically healthy food for our guests.
  • Traditional Mongolian gers for a delightful stay
  • Connected with central power
  • Signal for G-mobile and Skytel telephone lines
  • Fresh water from a 107 meter deep artesian well


Standard ger:

  • $110 per person for single occupancy
  • $77 per person for double occupancy

Deluxe ger /ensuite/:

  • $130 per person for single occupancy
  • $95 per person for double occupancy

Note: Breakfast, lunch, dinner and VAT are included in the price.