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  • Eagle Festival (1st weekend of October)
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Travel from Ulaanbaatar:

Flights depart from Ulaanbaatar every couple of days to Bayan Ulgiiy airport and are generally comfortable. The flight takes around 4 hours but be prepared to spend a full day waiting in the airport as flights are often delayed.

Driving from Ulaanbaatar takes around 3 days and will be on progressively worse quality roads as you enter the region


Bring very warm clothing and a sleeping bag all year round. The high altitude means that the temperature remains very low year round.

As a city, Bayan Ulgiiy is not particularly well equipped for travellers so make sure to bring everything you are likely to need with you as you may not be able to buy much when you arrive.

Arrange accommodation in advance. There are very few providers in the region and so they tend to book up quite quickly, particularly in the tourist season.

Try to avoid strenous exertion for the first couple of days or risk altitude sickness.