Eagle Festival Tour

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Eagle Festival Tour

Of all the many festivals that take place in Mongolia throughout the year, the Golden Eagle festival is one of the most special. Join Kazakh hunters as they celebrate their bi-annual festival of culture and community. Ride out with the hunters, take part in their competitions and see an ancient living tradition. All against the backdrop of Bayan Olgiiy in the regal Altai Mountains.

Length: 13 days / 12 nights
Price: from $2620 per person

Every year in early October, Mongolian Kazakhs in Bayan Ulgii gather to celebrate their ancient tradition of hunting with Golden Eagles. This grand predator has been used to hunt foxes and rabbits for centuries and is an important symbol of the distinctive culture of Kazakh people.

The Golden Eagle Festival lasts for 2 days. It opens with a parade of the birds and trainers; the hunters ride in their brightly embroidered ceremonial fur dress carrying home made hunting accessories to compete for the “Best Turned out Eagle and Owner” award.

The festival showcases the mastery of the eagle trainers as well as testing the speed, accuracy and agility of these graceful birds. Not only are the hunting skills of the Golden Eagle evaluated but also the relationship between trainer and bird in the competition to determine “The Best Eagle at Locating its Owner from a Distance”.

The westernmost province of Mongolia, Bayan Ulgii, which is surrounded by the Altai mountain range, forms the dramatic background for the festival and is an exquisite location for hiking.

Other highlights of the festival include:

  • Staying with a Kazakh family for an exceptional cultural experience
  • Joining the trainers on hunting trips
  • Hike in the beautiful the Altai Mountains
  • Play traditional Kazak games
  • Visit an exhibition featuring local artwork - Kazakh women are famous for their fine tapestries and embroidery

After the festival, we will take you to south Mongolia where you will see an immense difference in the landscape and the way local people live. Here you will be able to ride a camel through the golden dunes of the Gobi desert and visit some of the world’s most famous paleontological sites. The tour will continue by land to the 13th century capital of the Mongolian Empire, Kharkhorum before finishing with a tour of the modern capital - Ulaanbaatar.

  • Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
  • Day 2 Ancient capital of Mongolia - Kharkhorum/Erdenezuu
  • Days 3 & 4 Ongi temple
  • Day 5 Yol Valley
  • Day 6 Tsagaan suvarga
  • Day 8 Ulaanbaatar Day Tour
  • Day 9 Bayan Ulgii- Hiking and visiting eagle trainer's family
  • Day 10 & 11 Golden Eagle festival
  • Day 12 Second Ulaanbaatar tour
  • Day 13 Departure

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