Gobi & Kharkhorin Tour

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Gobi & Kharkhorin Tour

The main trail for travellers in Mongolia takes a path around the central region of the country and into the north of the Gobi desert. These areas contain some of the most spectacular sights, history and culture in Mongolia and possibly the world. We have designed this trip for travellers who want to get a taste of Mongolian travel and see all the most popular sights.

Length: 12 days / 11 nights
Price: from $2500 per person
Difficulty: Moderate: No hard physical requirements.

Highlights: Gobi Desert, Tree planting in the Gobi to prevent desertification, Traditional nomadic living course, Camel riding, Horse riding

Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar and stay overnight in a hotel

Upon arrival in the Mongolian capital you will be met by your English-speaking guide and personal driver. You will travel into the city centre, check in to your hotel and rest after your long journey. In the evening you will enjoy a traditional Mongolian meal.

Day 2 Drive to Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes

On day 2 you will travel the short distance to the little Gobi just outside of Khustai. Here you will be able to climb on small sand Dunes and ride camels (dependant on local herders). This will be your first real excursion into the great Mongolian countryside.

Day 3 Ancient Capital of Mongolia - Kharkhorum and Erdenezuu

After breakfast you will drive to Karakorum, the 13th century capital of Chinggis Khaan's Mongolian Empire. The ruins of this ancient city are still clearly visible and you will be able to walk around the site with your guide explaining some of the history attached to the city. This is also the site of Erdene Zuu Monastery, the first and formerly one of the largest in Mongolia. Unfortunately much of the temple was destroyed under the socialist government in the previous century but significant sections still stand and are home to practicing Lamas. You will visit the remaining complex and enjoy a guided tour throughout its picturesque courtyards and small temples where you will see unique 16th Century Mongolian Buddhist art and icons. There is also an antiques market just outside with various other attractions such as Kazakh eagle hunters, costume shows and singing available for you to enjoy. Afterwards you will be taken to the Karakorum museum before retiring to a nearby ger camp for the evening when you are ready.

Day 4 Tsenkher hot spring

In the morning you will drive to Tsenkher hot springs a popular holiday spot for Mongolians who come here for the reputed health benefits and for its spiritual significance. Spend the day relaxing in this natural spa and strolling in the surrounding forest. Please do not forget to pack your swimsuit for this day. Optional massage and beauty services are available. The spa can also be enjoyed during sunset for an unforgettable experience. Lunch, dinner and overnight stay in a ger camp.

Days 5 & 6 Ongi monastery

Today you will be visiting the ancient Ongi Monastery in the Gobi Desert. This was formerly the largest University for Lamas in Mongolia with up to 800 students at any one time but was razed to the ground between 1937/ 38 by the socialist General Choibbalsan with all of its lamas either executed or conscripted into the army. The temple is now in the process of being rebuilt and there are 5 lamas resident in the new temple building working to restore the monastery’s former glory and international standing. We will visit the site, walk throughout the haunting ruins, visit a monument to the fallen lamas and talk with the monks in the new building. Following on from this you will have the chance to relax and enjoy a range of activities and services including a full body massage at our award winning Secret of Ongi Tourist camp at the foot of the hill beneath the complex. Supper and overnight stay in the camp.

Day 7 Bayanzag/Flaming Cliffs

After breakfast you will be driven to the world famous Flaming Cliffs or Bayanzag in the heart of the Gobi desert. Explore the site of the first paleontological discoveries in Mongolia following in the footsteps of the famous Roy Chapman Andrews. Visit a nomadic camel herding family and experience the warm hospitality of Mongolian Gobi nomads.

Day 8 Yolyn Am Valley

Start the day with an excursion to Yoliin Am National Park for hiking and sightseeing in the stunning surroundings. You will have a picnic lunch and spend the afternoon hiking and relaxing. Dinner and overnight stay in a ger camp.

Day 9 Tsagaan Suvarga

After breakfast at the ger camp guests will visit a special natural formation of steep rocks in Luus soum, Dundgobi province. The rock formations are 60 meters tall, stretch for 400 meters and have been said to look like modern architectural, urban buildings when viewed from the correct angle. Accommodation is in a nearby ger camp.

Day 10 Baga gazariin chuluu

After breakfast you will drive north to a uniquely beautiful rock formation called Baga gazariin chuluu. You will be able to take in the amazing scenery and visit another ruined temple nearby. Supper and overnight stay in a local ger camp.

Day 11 Return to Ulaanbaatar and city tour

On this day you will leave Baga Gazriin Chuluu and make the 4 hour drive back to UB. Once there we will take you for lunch and then help you to check in to your hotel. The afternoon is your own or we can organise a short trip for you.

Day 12 Departure

On the day of your departure your guide and driver will take you to the airport to bid you farewell, or if you are leaving in the afternoon or evening then we will organise a final tour of the city’s less frequented sites of interest as well as some souvenir and cashmere shopping before dropping you at the airport or train station.

Included in the price: All of your Mongolian accommodation in hotels and ger camps; all breakfast, lunches and dinners whilst in Mongolia; safe drinking water is also provided throughout the tour; Mongolian local transport, personal guide, translator, driver and entrance to all museums, attractions and concerts mentioned in the itinerary.

Not included in the price:
International flights, train tickets, travel insurance, international phone calls, alcoholic drinks, laundry service, souvenir shopping.

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