Kharkhorum and Erdenezuu


  • The museum dedicated to the 14th century capital city
  • Erdenezuu Monastery complex
  • Numerous small temples
  • An antiques market
  • Surrounding Orkhon Valley

Travel from Ulaanbaatar:

Driving takes around 4 hours on good roads.

Advice :

There is an excellent museum dedicted to the ancient capital city and its history that is well worth a visit.

Erdenezuu monastery complex is an ancient set of buildings housing several small temples and is an excellent place to spend the whole day.

The antiques market outside the complex is interesting but be careful not to overpay for things.

Photography in the Erdenezuu Complex is permitted but the staff may take exception if they believe that you may be a professional photographer (usually judged by the size of your camera and equipment). To avoid problems, we recommend either taking a small camera or arranging a special permit in advance. Contact us for details on how to do this.

The city ruins are largely built over nowadays but there is stil quite a lot of the original city clearly visible for archaeological enthusiasts.