Khustai National Park


  • Przewalski’s pony preservation centre
  • Great rolling hills and valleys perfect for horse racing
  • Reindeer in winter

Travel from Ulaanbaatar:

Driving takes 1 hour on reasonable roads.

Advice :

Book accommodation in advance of arriving as the few ger camps fill up quite quickly.

Nomads will be able and willing to provide accommodation but be prepared for very basic facilities (often sleeping on the floor) and to pay potenitally quite a high price.

Przewalski’s pony was re-introduced to Mongolia in the early 19th century after the species had all but died out entirely. The horses are very beautiful with gentle brown and white blotchy markings, short spiky manes and large heads. The best chance you have to see them is at the end of the day when they descend from the hills tto drink and graze in the valley floor.