Ongi temple


  • The ruins of ancient Ongi temple
  • A small working temple
  • A ger museum dedicated the universities’ and temple’s history
  • The nearby ruins of Shazan Khot
  • A beautiful oasis river valley

Travel from Ulaanbaatar:

Flights depart from Ulaanbaatar every day to Dalanzagad city. From here the temple is a 4 hour drive to the west on rough roads

Driving from Ulaanbaatar takes around 14 hours in total travelling on good roads first to kharkhoren and then driving directly south on dirt tracks to Saikhaan Ovoo before making the final 16km drive through very difficult terrain


The Ongi temple previously consisted of 4 universities and one of the largest temples in the Buddhist world. A global centre of spirituality.

Although the temple was largely destroyed in the 1930s by the socialist government you are free to walk among the ruins but please be respectful as the area is still sacred to many Mongolians.

Feel free to enter the still working temple and talk to the Lamas and make sure to check out the nearby ger museum which is run by local people.

Our award winning Secret of Ongi ger camp is here so contact us for details on how to stay here.

Wear loose fitting clothes, a sunhat and suncream at all times during the summer as temperatures here are very high, also drink plenty of water.

Bring a swimming costume for the river.

Your driver will be able to take you to Shazan khot nearby.