• The Tsaatan village where reindeer herders spend much of their summer
  • Fishing for Taimen Salmon
  • Siberian climate, wildlife and animals
  • One of the most remote areas of Mongolia

Travel from Ulaanbaatar:

Flights depart from Ulaanbaatar every day to Mörön city taking around 3 hours. You would then stay overnight in the city and spend the next full day travelling to Taiga by car along some very difficult roads requiring expert drivers and rugged vehicles

Driving from Ulaanbaatar takes at least 2 full days. The first day to Mörön is on good roads and then a full day driving along some very difficult roads requiring expert drivers and rugged vehicles


You need special permission from the Mongolian border patrol to visit here and will have to pass through a checkpoint on the way. Contact us for advice on how to apply for this.

Take excellent boots, warm, waterproof clothes and a good sleeping bag with you. Even in midsummer the temperature is low with frequent heavy rainstorms.

The area is mostly forests and swamps with deep, fast flowing rivers cutting swathes through the landscape.

Make sure to make arrangements in advance with an expert guide if travelling here. People here very rarely see foreigners so it will be almost impossible to organise anything here without excellent local knowledge.

There is no english spoken here, the 3 main languages are Mongolian, Russian and Tuva.

Be prepared for delays in your journey here. Bridges and roads are mostly temporary and can disappear quickly in heavy rain.

This is the best area in Mongolia for fishing and is one of the only places on earth where you can fish for the Taimen Salmon.

If you want to visit the Tsaatan then take a good tent.