• Capital city of Mongolia
  • Many museums and galleries
  • Excellent Restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world as well as traditional Mongolian fare
  • Cashmere shopping

Travel to Ulaanbaatar:

Daily flights arrive in Chinggis Khaan airport (20 km from city centre) from Istanbul, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul and Moscow as well as many other. Trains arrive at least twice a week either from Beijing in the south or Ulaan Ude in the south


Getting around town is easy, just stick out your arm and a private (unlicensed) taxi will stop very soon. Fares vary but between 1,200 - 1,500 MNT per km is a fair rate to pay

Hire a local guide and driver to make the most of your time in Ulaanbaatar

During summer and particularly July book accommodation in advance. During July most providers are booked solid months in advance

Ulaanbaatar is a very safe city, much safer for example than most European capital cities, but some caution should be exercised if walking alone after dark