Yolyn Am or the Vulture’s Mouth


  • The centre of this valley is usually filled with a glacial ice sheet
  • Home to many rare species of birds, rodents and the endangered longhorn ibex
  • There is a museum at the entrance to the valley
  • Some local nomads sell small wooden sculptures at the valley’s mouth

Travel from Ulaanbaatar:

Flights depart from Ulaanbaatar almost every day to Dalanzagad city. From here the valley is a 1 hour drive to the west on basic roads

Driving from Ulaanbaatar takes around 9 hours travelling on good roads to Dalanzagad and then a 1 hour drive to the west on basic roads


Wear good walking boots and take a warm jacket or jumper with you. The temperature drops the deeper into the valley you go

You can climb the valley sides in places but this could be dangerous both for you and for the people on the valley floor below who are at risk from rockslides

There is a great souvenir market at the valley’s mouth

Keep a fully charged camera handy and maybe a pair of binoculars as the ibex tends to only appear at a great distance and high on the cliffs

Exercise caution when walking on the glacier in the centre of the valley as the ice can be thin in some places and is always slippy

If the ice is not too thick then you may be able to walk through the whole valley from end to end but some years this is not possible

Horses are available for renting at the valley entrance if you would like to traverse the path on horseback instead of walking