Gandan Monastery

Gandan Monastery (official name is Gandantegchilen or Tugsbayasgalant) was built on Dalkhyn hill in 1938. If you look north of the pigeons’ field you will be able to see shrines of Monk Gombojav and fifth Bogd (the highest religion rank in Mongolia) as well as Mongolian styled building of Gandantegchilen. From there, on your right hand side you will find the palace of fifth Bogd and visitor room, and on your left hand side there will be the shrine of 8th Bogd and his library as well as the kitchen of monks.

The ashes of cremated monks and Bogds were destroyed in the 1930s during communist revolution let by Stalin. Janraisag monastery is located between Duinkhor and Yadgai temples on the right and religious school on the left.
There is a tall red pillar in the Gandan monastery which was the main pillar Choir temple. Monks used to hang lights on it to see around the storage area but nowadays worshipers say their wishes the pillar for a good luck.

There are about 800 monks in Gandan Monastery. Since the reopening the Gandan monastery Khamba Lama Gombojav held the meetings of the Asian Buddhist Conferences here.

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