Yoga and meditation in Gobi desert

Yoga and meditation tours

Yoga and meditation in Gobi desert

This tour will take you from the capital city deep into the Gobi desert on your journey to spirituality, physical fitness and inner peace. Every day has a carefully designed yoga and meditation schedule built around the travelling that will build you up and leave you feeling refreshed.

Length: 10 days / 9 nights
Price: from $1850 per person
Group size: Up to 5 people per group
Transport: Toyota Land Cruiser 80 or Hyundai Starex depending on group size
Difficulty: Moderate - Tour is aimed at those with an interest and perhaps some proficiency in yoga. Please contact us for more details

Mongolia is a land of dusty horizons and adventure but another side to this beautiful country is the people's deep spiritual connection to nature, land and the blue sky above. Working with partners in Mongolia and from abroad we offer a combination of Mongolian travel with meditation and spirituality based yoga instruction in this vast expansive land!

Day 1 Arrive in Ulaanbaatar

When you arrive in Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital city, you will be met by your personal guide and driver who will take you straight to your hotel. Once you have checked in and had a chance to relax after your journey we will organise a short walking tour of the city before supper at a local restaurant.

Day 2 Baga Gazriin Chuluu

We start early today to make the 4-hour drive south of Ulaanbaatar to the stunning Baga Gazriin Chuluu driving straight to Mandalgobi City and then heading off road, high into the mountains. Baga Gazriin Chuluu is a set of craters and peaks high above the Steppe and is littered with ancient temple ruins, sacred caves and small handmade family shrines. As well as your yoga and meditation training we will be taking a tour of the local area with your personal guide. We will be staying overnight under felt canvas in a local ger camp.

Day 3 Tsaagan Suvarga – the white limestone cliffs

Arising just before dawn for an early morning session you will greet the sun and begin training for the rest of your journey. Afterwards we will drive further into the desert to the immense white limestone cliffs at Tsaagan Suvarga. These cliffs tower over a vast landscape of pastel greens, purples, blues and orange and are an ideal place to meditate and reflect in near perfect solitude. We will be taking a tour of the local area and a short hike into the desert to see some local cavesand an oasis. We will once again stay overnight in a local ger camp.

Days 4 - 7 – Ongiin Khiid (Temple)

Once again start the day with a vigorous yoga session before breakfast. On day 4 we will make a long drive to the west across the desert taking in a few sites along the way to break up the journey. Arriving in the late evening at the Secret of Ongi ger camp at Ongiin Khiid your first night will be a relaxing evening spent in this charming oasis.

Over the next 3 days we will also organise some additional activities in and around the camp during periods when you are not practicing yoga. These will include:

  • Ger building courses
  • Camel riding
  • A visit to some local ruins (Shazan Khot)
  • Traditional Mongolian games
  • Nightly Mongolian costume show
  • Tree planting and care in the desert

Day 8 Kharkhorum and Erdenezuu

Today, after your yoga session, we will travel straight north to Kharkhorum and Erdenezuu as we leave the Gobi desert behind us. Arriving in the late afternoon we will take a tour of Erdenezuu monastery, one of the oldest and largest in Mongolia, and the surrounding antiques market. The evening will be spent in personal reflection and relaxation at a local ger camp.

Day 9 Return to Ulaanbaatar

On your final day in Mongolia we will make the 5 hour drive back to Ulaanbaatar, check in to a city centre hotel and then visit some of the city’s best sights and cashmere shops before enjoying an evening show of traditional dance and music.

Day 10 Depart

Your driver and guide will meet you at your hotel and take you to the airport or train station for farewell.

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